BCR: Arizona Edition

A few friends hitched a ride back from Phoenix with us, kicking off the Arizona edition of the Beer Can Revolution.  Stay tuned for new posts on Arizona canned creations from Four Peaks Brewing Company (Tempe), Prescott Brewing Compan (Prescott), Lumberyard Brewing Company (Flagstaff), and SanTan Brewing Company (Chandler)… plus a few from Ska Brewing Company (Durango, CO) who made the trip back as well.


Los CANgeles… Continued

LA Weekly has posted a follow up story to their initial announcement about LA’s newest craft operation, Golden Road Brewing (set to open during LA Beer Week in October).  After the first article I was excited.  We have young but experienced industry professionals making hoppy, California-style beers, putting them in cans instead of bottles, and taking on the exciting Los Angeles craft beer market.  Awesome, right?  Then came the second article…

Along with the announcement of an on-site restaurant, co-owner Meg Gill lets everyone in on a little local market strategy.  Understanding that in LA the obvious mode of transportation is driving, Gill plans to “make flavors that are phenomenal, but also ones you can sample and you can drink more than two of.”  This is why beer number one will likely be a traditional IPA with a low alcohol content.  The article goes on to discuss the plan to focus on production volume with a larger brewing system, while maintaining a specialty brewing system for experimentation.  Although the flagship of the company will likely be their hoppier ales, there is already discussion of styles beyond.  To wrap it all up, Gill further supports her decision to pass on glass and stick with the can (an idea likely cultivated during her time with Oskar Blues)… and that’s something I can certainly get behind!

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Welcome to Los CANgeles

Although I’m a little late to be passing along the announcement, here it is anyway.

A brand new brewery is scheduled to open this fall in Los Angeles.  Not only do they have big plans to brew fresh and local flavors, but they plan to pass on conventional bottling methods and embrace the protective qualities of the can for each of their top quality brews.  Golden Road Brewing, located in North Atwater Village will be opening the doors of their three-warehouse campus for business in September/October.

“We’ve already purchased our first canning line” says co-founder and president Meg Gill (formerly of Oskar Blues Brewery and Speakeasy Ales and Lagers). “And we feel great knowing we’ll be putting our products in the right package, so we can deliver flavor, and economy to our drinkers without sacrificing our commitment to quality or the environment.”

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