Four Peaks Kilt Lifter

Today I cracked a can of Arizona’s most popular local beer, and one of my first American crafts many years ago: Four Peaks Kilt Lifter. While it isn’t as much of a statement as I personally like a Scottish style to be, it still holds a special place in my heart (I think it made me feel like a man when all my buddies were drinking cheap swill).


Kilt Lifter starts with an especially sweet brown sugar nose followed by a bready malt taste.  Light carbonation, light mouth feel, and some light caramel in a nice clean finish.  Hops aren’t very present and it drinks like a session beer.


Kilt Lifter | Four Peaks Brewing Company (Tempe, Arizona) | Scottish Style  Ale | 6.0% ABV 

My final recommendation:  Grab a 6 of cans and drink  them with Dad.  He’ll appreciate the smooth flavor, how easy it is to drink, and that always-classic aluminum can that he’ll be chuggin’ from.


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