LumberYard Flagstaff IPA

Arizona’s most decorated IPA hails from Flagstaff, Arizona where the fresh air and tall pines must have influenced the flavors in this little can of happiness!  A true-to-the-style brew, LumberYard IPA is mild on the nose, which is surprising considering the grapefruit and pine that it boasts to the tongue.  A lot of hops up front, a kick of fruit and pepper in the middle, and a solid malt on the home stretch.  It left a proud and somewhat arrogant bitter on my palette which I enjoyed for a second before going right back for more.  The biggest thing that stood out to me about this beer is the fact that I only bought one.  So stupid.

LumberYard Flagstaff IPA | Lumberyard Brewing Company (Flagstaff, Arizona) | American IPA | 6.1% ABV

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2 thoughts on “LumberYard Flagstaff IPA

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